A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is a small game designed and built for the Design and Game Jam 2019. The theme was Compete so I designed a game that might provoke similar feelings of pressure as competition does. The goal is simple, you have to survive for as long as possible -- by disarming bombs that travel to your tower from all sides!

The disarm code appears briefly where the bomb appears, but is overwritten when the next bomb appears at that location. You must select the bomb, and input the correct code to disarm it. Incorrect codes will lock the bomb, and it will inevitably hit your tower and explode. When your tower health is 0, the game is over.

NOTE: The current version is a rough prototype, as such it only supports Mac + Windows keyboard/mouse or with a PS4 controller. I will add some polish, and make builds with XBox controller support. But that will be dependent on how busy I am with other things (I'm sorry).

Version: 0.0.3


PS4 Controls

Left joystick to move cursor.
R1 to select bomb.
Triangle, Square, Circle, and X buttons to disarm.

Keyboard Controls

Mouse/Touchpad to move cursor.
Mouse click to select bomb.
Up, Down, Left, Right arrows to disarm bomb.

Changing Control Schema
Edit the following file:
    "platform": "keyboard"
    "platform": "ps4"

Music by HeatleyBros.



Install instructions

  • On Mac just unzip the file and click to launch. Edit the controls schema if you need to.
  • On Windows, unzip the file, then execute the .exe file inside the resulting folder. Or see the README.txt file for further details.

Development log